Changing the default calendar in Outlook 365/2013 (iCal & GCal)

First off let me say that I was having the same problem. I use iCloud to sync with my google calendar because google and MS refuse to cooperate anymore. Anyway… like everyone else I was wanting to set my iCloud calendar as the default so things would show up on my phone. I was going through all the settings and saw the suggestions about changing the data file but I’ve completely screwed up my outlook settings doing that before so I wasn’t about to try that.

Then… I did something that totally blows the mind.

right clicked on the calendar in the list. At the bottom of the box are “move up/move down” options.

Move the calendar you want as default to the top of your list.

Yes folks, it’s just that simple.

Let me explain a bit better so everyone knows what is going on.

When you have multiple calendars open, there are tabs across the top of the calendar pane. Clicking on a tab then makes that the ‘active‘ calendar. Rearranging the calendars in the list then sorts the order they are open when you start Outlook. The very top list then becomes your ‘default’ when you open outlook. HOWEVER, if you change the active calendar during the session then it will add new appointments to the currently active calendar.

 Few notes: You can set your iCloud calendar as the default calendar and your appointments will show up on your apple device, but ONLY if you are showing your iCloud calendar on your phone.

 If, like me, you are using Google Calendar, then you have to sort of do a few workarounds to get everything playing happily.

  • On your apple device, add your google calendar and make it and your iCloud calendar showing.
  • I will state right now I don’t remember how I got my gcal to show up on my outlook. Honestly I think I just synced my phone and there it was.
  • Go to and sign in. Down at the bottom you’ll see next to the word “DAY” an icon to show your calendar list. Next to each name is the “share” icon, click it and make the calendar PUBLIC. Either copy the URL given or send yourself an email with this link.
  • Go to and put the link from iCal into the box and hit “Continue”
  • Copy the new URL it gives you
  • Go into GCal, Add new calendar from URL and use the new proxy link.
  • Give it awhile and your iCloud calendar will show up in your GCal.

Why do it this way? Well, as much as I’d love to just have ONE calendar, at least this way I can see all my appointments everywhere, even if Outlook will only post to iCal, and web GCal will only post to itself. Both calendars post fine on my phone and everything shows up in both Outlook and on the web.

Hope this helps others.

Originally posted on the Microsoft Community forums HERE.


Basic Ways to Protect Yourself Online

Recently one of my relatives asked me how to get their personal information removed from Google. I had to inform them that you pretty much can’t. Google isn’t the culprit, but the website where you have listed your information (aka Facebook & others). What most people don’t realize is that Google is only collecting publicly available information. It’s not datamining private information. Most people think of Google as being like the phone book where you can contact the phone company to be unlisted. This is actually a wrong comparison. The phone company is providing the service of a phone number and listing those who are using their service. Google isn’t providing the service (unless you’re using your Google Account/Profile). The comparison I used was that of a newspaper who reports a publicly listed police report with a person’s name and city of residence. At that point, anyone can take that name/city and use the phonebook to find their address and phone number. You don’t complain to the newspaper (well, most of the time) because the information is publicly available. It’s up to that person to contact the phone company and tell them to be ‘unlisted’. Because remember, while you might complain to Google, there are many other search engines out there, some big some small, and all have access to public information that’s on the net.

The same applies to the internet and website profiles. Probably 90% of websites with profiles allow those profiles to be listed in Google and other search engines by default. Almost all of them have options to be ‘unlisted’, but you have to make that setting change yourself. If that site does NOT have an option to be ‘unlisted’, then immediately remove your information, delete your account and don’t use that site.

The burden of responsibility falls on YOU the user.

Yes, it sounds like it would be a lot of work, but only at first if you haven’t been following ‘safe surfing’ practices. After that, it’s only a matter of following some simple rules. Here are the ones that I follow:

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World of Warcraft Addons

While I have been posting mostly iPhone related articles, my friend Erroch made a very good suggestion. You see, I’m rather big into WoW addons. For a while I was actually working for Curse Gaming, though that didn’t pan out (don’t ask). Both of us have been looking for a better way of keeping track when addons update, and so far we’ve had no luck. Yes, there are things like WoW Matrix but my big issue is that, honestly, I don’t trust it. I don’t trust any program that messes with my computer. Someone pulled apart the Curse updater and found it’s a serious security risk, as in.. a complete and total back door into your computer. So yea.. I tell everyone I can not to use the thing.

So far, only WoW Interface provides an RSS feed of your ‘favorites’ to let you know when an addon is updated. Currently, I have to go through at least 4 websites to see if my addons have updated. Not too bad, but it’s irritating for many people.

Today, I was checking on my addons when I noticed that Curse provides an RSS feed of a user’s announcements. This got me thinking. I could easily just make posts there of what’s updated and my friends could keep up with it to keep their own addons updated. That’s when Erroch made the suggestion to post it here instead. Why? Because Curse might get snippy if I start posting links to places like WoW Interface.

Thinking about it, I decided it would be better here anyway. I need more activity here. I’m more likely to add more App reviews and whatnot if I do something quick every so often, as well as other things I want to write here.

So now I’m opening up my World of Warcraft category. Along with posting when things have been updated, I’ll probably also be posting reviews of the addons I use an those I’ve tried. Feel free to post suggestions and I’ll give it a look.

Update: Howto make your own custom Ringtones for iPhone 2.0 (3G)

I’ve already posted one tutorial on how to make a custom ringtone for the iPhone, but looking back at it, I find it’s a bit of a mess with all the edits and reviews. That’s why I decided to post an updated version that’s a bit cleaner if possibly more complicated. The steps are the same, but I’ve added notes, suggestions, and requirements for each step where needed.

Let me start off by saying, you don’t have to do this by hand if you don’t want to. Anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable doing things that require a bit of technical know-how can easily go to places like and have the entire process done for you. Let me point out though that you  have to upload your file to them or link it from a webserver. Personally, I don’t feel comfortable with this. This tutorial is for those people who are like me and want to do things on their own.

To start, let me tell you what you are going to need upfront before going into what the actual steps are.

  • Audio source file – Doesn’t have to be music, can be anything you want as long as it’s an audio file. (Sorry, I don’t know an easy way how to pull from videos.)
  • Audio editing software – If you don’t have one, try the free version of Wavepad by NCH Software.
  • Audio converter – Some Audio editors (like WavePad) can do it, but I use the free Switch from NCH Software because it can do conversions in bulk. There are also multiple online file converters. A good list is over on MakeUseOf.

Now that you have your tools together, what do you actually do with them?

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iPhone App Review: Aurora Feint

Title Screen

Hailing itself as the first iPhone MMO, Aurora Feint isn’t too revolutionary other than the eventual multiplayer aspect. It’s gone through a few versions, each one fixing bugs as well as improving the game play. This game has also had it’s share of controversy, which I’ll go over later in this article.

The game itself is currently only a few minigames, two of which are in the “match three” style and one which is a logic problem though still a type of “match 3”.

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