World of Warcraft Addons

While I have been posting mostly iPhone related articles, my friend Erroch made a very good suggestion. You see, I’m rather big into WoW addons. For a while I was actually working for Curse Gaming, though that didn’t pan out (don’t ask). Both of us have been looking for a better way of keeping track when addons update, and so far we’ve had no luck. Yes, there are things like WoW Matrix but my big issue is that, honestly, I don’t trust it. I don’t trust any program that messes with my computer. Someone pulled apart the Curse updater and found it’s a serious security risk, as in.. a complete and total back door into your computer. So yea.. I tell everyone I can not to use the thing.

So far, only WoW Interface provides an RSS feed of your ‘favorites’ to let you know when an addon is updated. Currently, I have to go through at least 4 websites to see if my addons have updated. Not too bad, but it’s irritating for many people.

Today, I was checking on my addons when I noticed that Curse provides an RSS feed of a user’s announcements. This got me thinking. I could easily just make posts there of what’s updated and my friends could keep up with it to keep their own addons updated. That’s when Erroch made the suggestion to post it here instead. Why? Because Curse might get snippy if I start posting links to places like WoW Interface.

Thinking about it, I decided it would be better here anyway. I need more activity here. I’m more likely to add more App reviews and whatnot if I do something quick every so often, as well as other things I want to write here.

So now I’m opening up my World of Warcraft category. Along with posting when things have been updated, I’ll probably also be posting reviews of the addons I use an those I’ve tried. Feel free to post suggestions and I’ll give it a look.


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